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Service Overview

What We Offer

Our Main Services

  • Consultation & Evaluation

    Our sales executives will present our system functionalities, company services and the alternatives for computer equipment.

  • Installation & Configuration

    Our certified technicians will install and configure the EHRez application in the physician office and ascertain that it's working properly with the operating network system.

  • Training Seminars

    Our training representatives will guide the entire physician office through all the functionality and capabilities of the application in order to maximize its use and benefits.

  • Service Center

    Our customer service department will provide both technical and operational support ensuring excellence and continuous services.

Other Services

  • Sale of Electronic Equipment

    We offer alternatives for electronic equipment such as: servers, computers, printers, scanners, signature pad and all of the necessary equipment for your office.

  • Maintenance Service (Monitorez)

    Remote maintenance of the operating system and monitoring of the hardware; processor, hard drive, RAM memory, etc.

  • Data Backup Hosting

    Remote protection with redundancy systems to protect your information and prevent loss of data.

  • Document Imaging

    In-office imaging services. We will scan your documents, index by date and patient and integrate them into the EHRez application.