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Is EHRez a client server or web based application ?

EHRez is a client server application that also provides virtualization for a web based environment. EHRez can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

What programming language was used to develop EHRez ?

EHRez has being developed with the latest technology of Dot. Net, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server for data base.

How easy can it be installed in my office ?

Our certified technicians will coordinate the installation and configuration of the EHRez application in your office. They will make sure the application is working properly with your operating network system.

What is included in the basic training ?

The training is part of the contractual agreement and will take place in E-Health Partners local facilities, physician office or remote through teleconference. E- Health Partners will provide with application manuals, quick reference guides and a complete training performed by our certified trainers.

Does EHRez meet my needs ?

EHRez was created by a group of consulting physicians, who took in consideration all aspects of a physician office. Also, our system is customizable to every unique practice.

Does EHRez require a contract agreement ?

Yes, a contract agreement is required for EHRez software license that will include: Installation, configuration, trainings, upgrades, updates and software services.

What happens after I implement an electronic health record at my practice ?

At the beginning, an educational process will take place. Be prepared for a slowdown in productivity when you first implement the application. Once end-users get used to the new application, productivity will gradually increase.

What happens with the paper records I have ?

You can either digitalize and integrate them into our system, or choose a "day forward" technique, in which new records are entered as they come.

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