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About Us

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Motivated by the need to embrace and implement the new healthcare technology industry, a group of physicians and executives within the health care world, joined efforts to create a company that will provide a complete electronic health record solution to many providers in Puerto Rico and the United States..


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On November 2009, E-Health Partners acquired the electronic health record (EHRez) platform, developed by Quality Improvement Professional Research Organization (QIPRO).

Mr. José Bengoa, president of E-Health Partners, along with a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of technology and the healthcare industry led the effort that successfully achieved the completion and final deployment of EHRez version 3.5.

As part of its wide range of services, E-Health Partners has established partnerships with private technology companies (Hardware), IT services, telecommunications providers and financial institutions that places E-Health Partners as a complete solution for all the healthcare information technology (HIT) needs.

Today, E Health Partners is a preferred EHR vendor for the Regional Extension Center and has become the fastest growing company in Puerto Rico, looking to expand to the United States in the near future.

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